Surile Surile Bhajan [ सुरीले सुरीले भजन ]

Song:Surile Surile Bhajan[ सुरीले सुरीले भजन ] 

Album:Yeshu Paaya Re

Singer:Anil Kant

Surile Surile bhajan hain masih ke

Jeevan ke pyaale vachan hain masih ke
To aao yesu ke darbar aao chalo
Anand utsav manao chalo
Anand utsav-2

Sangeet mera uska anugrah
Har geet mera uska anugrah
Kitne nirale bhajan hain masih ke
Jeevan ke pyale….

Yesu vachan se abhishek aaye
Abhishek aaye bandhan mitaye
Milte hain aise mausam khushi ke
Jeevan ke pyale…..

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