Mera Yesu [Punjabi] [ मेरा येशु ]

Song:Mera Yesu [Punjabi] [ मेरा येशु  ]

Album:Yeshu mere saath hai

Singer:Anil Kant

Mera yesu mere paapan de layi
suli chad gaya je mera yesu
Menu ditti oney maafi meri mukti ban gaya je, mera yesu

Isaac D out of Frisco, Cali
wanna tell you Christ friends, how he came and found me
So move your body all ova the place
or just sit back relax and hear my case
want u to lissin real close about the one I love,
he’s the way the truth and life he came down from above
Jesus Christ is his name, he died for u n i
lovin n livin his life
coming and paying the price
the good news my friend is that he lives again
even better news I tell you he wants to be your best friend
my speech goes slurred, my eyes go blurred
but Jesus came in my life and my life was cured
apni pith te kode khaye hathi kil dhukvaye ne
the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ
Thank God for His son the ultimate sacrifice
sabnu baahan de wich bharya jine jag thukraye ne
marde marde maaf o kar gaya
teeje din phir uth ke khad gaya
zinda ho gaya
zinda ho gaya mera yesu mere
dil wich vas gaya je, mera yesu
From the top of your head all the way to your kicks
the blood that Christ shed, will make you crazy like this
no one can change your heart like his love
no one can heal your life like he does
From the east to the west mumbai to cali for the rest of my life
of love inside me
main saan paapan de wich dubya
meinu taaran aaya si
ik vi banda na mar jaye o us karan aaya si
azalan to aye rab di marzi
yeshu ne o poori karti
jine palla odaa pharya
o surgaan nu tur gaya je mera yesu

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