Tu Saccha Mitra Mitra Hain || Hindi christian song Lyrics ||

Tu Saccha Mitra Hain


Tu mera saccha mitra hain 

Har samay kareeb rahta hain 

Tujhse hi meri shuruwat hain

Mera sab tere haath mein hain 

Jab main dekhta tera hath mujhpar 

Jab main dekhta hu teri nazar mujhpar

Aanand se bhar jata hu
  1.  Tu hi sabse acchha hain
    Tu hi sabse bhala hain 

    Tu hi sabse pyara hain 

    Tu hi sabse nyaara hain 

    Jab main janta hu, tu mere sang hain 

    Jab main janta hu , tu meri orr hain 

    Aanand se bhar jata hu …………


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