Tujhpe Sab Kuchh Loota Du | Beintehaan Pyar | Kenneth Paul Silway | Hindi Christian Song lyrics

Tujhpe Sab Kuchh Loota Du Main  

Album Beintehaan Pyar

Victor Music Academy
Victor music Academy

Singer : Kenneth Paul Silway 



Tujhpe sab kuchh loota du main

tu heero se keemti , ye jindagi ki kya mol hain

tu heero se keemti

tujhpe sab kuchh loota du main …………………

heero se keemti

ye jindagi ki kya mol hain…………

heero se keemti ………………


Na mudunga, na jhukunga, yeshu naam ko uncha uthaunga………..2

Meri jindagi mein masih………..2

bas tujhein pratham sthaan dunga


1.Teri rooh ki barish, bhigayein mere man ko

sahi raah dikhayi tere vachano ne mujhko

teri rooh ki barish, bhigayein mere man ko

na mudunga, na jhukunga , yeshu naam ko uncha uthaunga

meri jindagi mein masih ,bas tujhein pratham sthaan dunga


2.Tu hi voh khajana hain,jiski tulna mein  sab kuchh vyartha lage

tuhi vo mera noor hain , tere marg ko prakashit karein

oo meri jindgi  nein masih

bas tujhe prtham sthaan dunga

bas tujhe prarthana sthaan dunga


meri jindagi mein masih………………


Hindi gospel song Pratham Sthaan Dunga (Beintehaan Pyaar) Official Lyrics video 2017 – Kenneth Silway ||
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1. Pratham Sthaan Dunga
2. Pratham Sthaan Dunga Lyrics video
3. Pratham Sthaan Beintehaan Pyaar
4. Pratham Sthaan
5. Beintehaan Pyaar
 BEINTEHAAN PYAAR by Bro. Kenneth Silway
is a brilliant, Spirit-filled
compilation of heavenly songs that describe and personally let
you experience the Unconditional Love of God. This is a fine mix
of praise and worship songs and also soft and peppy music that
caters to audiences of all age groups. Kenneth says the songs
were birthed in his heart during precious times of personal
worship and church worship sessions.He wants to encourage the
hearers that the very words that shaped these songs were placed
in his subconscious mind by the Holy Spirit. This is a beautifully
crafted, heartwarming album that is anointed to help the hearers
to experience the agape love of God, which surpasses all human
                            A special word of thanks to Pas. Paul Silway and Sis.
Jean Silway for their prayers, guidance, and support that enabled
Kenneth to go forward with his God-given talent of music.
He also thanks Sis. Shekinah Silway and Bro. Rex Fernandes for
translating the song ‘Mahima Tujhko’ from English to Hindi.
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