Fear thou not

Song:Fear thou not


Singer:Anil Kant

Fear thou not for I am with thee
I am thy God, I will strengthen thee
I will help thee X 3

Cast thy Burden upon the Lord
And be careful for nothing
And the peace of God will keep your heart
He will uphold and sustain thee
I will help thee X 3

Forevermore (Our God Is Good)

Forevermore (Our God Is Good) 
All of heaven bursts with
Here on earth we stand
Every tribe and tongue in
Lift our voices to proclaimOur God is good
Our God is great
He took our curse
Our sins forgave
He bled and died
Then rose again
He rule and reigns

What the angels long to see
Now we sing as your
We had lost our way, you
stepped in to save
Now forevermore we’ll sing

Our God..

Your kingdom God, shall never
forevermore you’ll reign

| Raja Hai Mahaan | Sheldon Bangera

fariyaad fariyaad

fariyaad fariyaad

yeshu tujhse meri fariyaad…(2)

ghutno pe aakar sar ko jhukakar

karu mai tujhse fariyaad


yeshu tere hi hai

ye zameen aasma

tere dump pe chale ye dono jahan


tera ek ishara mile kabhi

pal me toofan ruk jayr sabhi



yeshu tere balidan se

naya jeevan mila

fir bhi mai paapo me badhta chala

tere dar pe jo aaye kabhi

mushkile dur karta sabhi

fariyaad…yeshu tujhse..


yeshu tu hi mera khuda hai

yeshu tunehumse kaha hai

tere dar pe jobhi hi aaya

wo sukun aur shanty hai paaya

yeshu tu hi mera khuda hai